Open World 2008

Ya esta otra vez aqui Oracle Open World, como pasa el tiempo! Aun no me ha dado tiempo de leer todas las presentaciones que descargue de OOW 2007 šŸ˜›

Estas son algunas de las sesiones que podrian ser interesantes

Mohamed Zait: Inside Oracle Database 11g Optimizer: Removing the Mystery
Alex Gorbachev: Under the Hood of Oracle Clusterware
Markus Michalewicz y varios: Simplify Your Oracle Real Application Clusters Stack: The Oracle-Only Approach
Ben Prusinski: Undocumented Oracle DBA Utilities: Black Magic for the Oracle Expert
Prabhaker Gongloor, y varios: SQL Performance Analyzer: Eliminating the Guesswork from the Optimizer
Ashish Ray: Deploying Active-Active Data Centers Using Oracle Database Solutions: Maximum Availability Architecture Best Practices
Rich Long, Nitin Vengurlekar: Top 10 Things You Wanted to Know About Automatic Storage Management but Were Afraid to Ask
Ara Shakian: Set It and Forget It: Automatic Storage Management Best Practices
Anirban Chatterjee: Storage Monitoring Made Easy: Diagnosing I/O Performance Problems
Bryn Llewellyn: Using the PL/SQL Hierarchical Performance Profiler
Tim Chien: Oracle Recovery Manager Best Practices for Oracle Data Guard and Oracle Streams: Direct from Oracle Development
Thomas Kyte: Change, change, change…
Andrew Holdsworth: Real-World Database Performance Techniques and Methods
Juan Loaiza: Oracle New Database Accelerator: Query Processing Revolutionized
John Beresniewicz: Proactive Performance Monitoring with Baselines and Adaptive Thresholds
Ron Weiss: Oracle New Database Accelerator: A Technical Overview

Y parece ser que habra un anuncio importante, no se si va a ser el acelerador este nuevo que dicen. Aunque podria tambien ser el soporte sobre SSD, algo de compresion o incluso ASM.


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